Virtual One-Day Madrichim Training Semin

Virtual One-Day Madrichim Training Seminars


Were you expecting to staff a Birthright Israel trip this summer? Did you miss out on the opportunity to work with your students, engage with young professionals in your local community, or a chance to build a new community, or kehillah, with people who share your passions, beliefs, and values? Are you counting the days until you can board that plane and arrive back in the Promised Land? Well...we feel the exact same way!

We want to take all of that energy and passion and do something constructive with it. Our idea, is to work with you to become even better prepared for your role as Birthright Israel madrichim. As such, we've reached out to our partnering Trip Organizers as well as other like-minded Jewish and Israel educational institutions to put together a series of Virtual One-Day Madrichim Training Seminars for North American (US and Canadian) trip staff.

This online educational series is built to allow you to pick and choose topics that feel the most interesting to you. You can choose to register to participate in one, several, or all, of the sessions found on this website. And, the best thing is that these aren't theoretical teachings, or things that will end up contributing to your growing Zoom fatigue. Instead, these seminars are imbued with intentionality. In the purest sense, we are offering you tachlis, or useful knowledge. These are sessions that will offer practical guidance to commonplace encounters which you'll then be able to use or adapt in the field. And, best of all, you'll get to spend the time learning with your peers, and your hosts will be world class Jewish educators and leading experts in the field of Israel education who have actual experience with Birthright Israel trips.

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The Hebrew word for intentionality, kavanah, conjures the term for direction, kivun. In fact, the term leadership itself implies we must know where we are going if we are to lead. For Birthright Israel, leadership with intention requires a sharp awareness, empathy, and compassion of our main "subject" the participants, as well as our other "subject" – the themes and experiences we wish to provide. 

One of the best reasons to staff a Birthright Israel trip is that you get to experience Israel anew through the eyes of the participants. Every time I visit Israel with the program, it reaffirms my commitment to Israel and Judaism, but most of all it reminds me why I decided to become a Jewish Educator.

Rachel B - Madricha



We believe that it's important to continuously educate oneself and engage in finding new ways of becoming a better trip leader. Certainly, it's a worthwhile endeavor to re-imagine what our roles as Jewish and Israeli educators can be. Specifically, in the role of Birthright Israel madrichim, everything around you is in a constant state of change – 

whether it’s participants’ access to technology, their personal understandings and beliefs, or even the evolving social, cultural, political and physical landscapes around the world and in Israel and North America. Whatever the case, to be the best role models, mentors, and educators we can be, we must continually grow and learn to keep up with the pace of things.

At the end of the day, the most reliable thing that guarantees a good participant experience is excellent staff. And, alongside the daily investment we make in furthering the education of our Israeli Tour Educators, we know that we must continue to invest our time and effort in you, our local trip staff. Madrichim trainings now take place in other parts of the world on a regular basis – including places like Argentina and Brazil, in Germany, France, and the former Soviet Union, and soon to take place in England. That said, approximately 75% of all Birthright Israel trip participants still come from the United States and Canada. And, we know that by far the best return on investment we can get is by investing in your continued growth.

We hope that you will find meaning in these training seminars and, at the same time, community and inspiration within this online space. Ultimately, we look forward to a time, in the not-so-distant future, when we'll find ourselves back in the Promised Land amongst friends, family, and lots of young people wearing familiar-looking t-shirts sporting our name and logo!  

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Establishing a connection between universal, personal, and Jewish values on a Birthright Israel trip offers participants a way to associate larger takeaways from their experience. The introduction of these values should be understood as being key linchpins in the success of the shared group experience. And, in addition to helping participants form the tangible memories which they will take home, these values will also act as their guideposts as they continue on their lifelong Jewish journeys.

"I didn't think my second time staffing would be anything special, but it ended up being the best trip yet. With each time you lead a Birthright Israel trip, even though you're a trip leader, you continue learning more and more about our homeland and our people. The most beautiful thing about staffing though, is seeing how Birthright Israel impacts the participants."


David B - Madrich



So, what does Birthright Israel look like during a global pandemic? We are ever striving to improve what we do. And, although our trips may not be traveling right now, we are preparing for every possible scenario so that we are ready to go at the very moment that it's safe to begin again. This includes re-evaluating our educational vision, and seeking ways to improve the Israel experience. And definitely...most definitely, taking advantage of this time to invest in the areas that will ensure a bright future for the program. And, this means you! 

We hope that being able to pivot from what were originally intended to be in-person madrichim training seminars across the country, to an online model will actually become an opportunity to grow more effectively in this area. Certainly, hosting online training seminars means that we now have a chance to reach more people without being limited by geography. It also offers the possibility of more frequent gatherings, and the ability to focus on very specific topics of interest. For now, we only see possibility and we hope and expect that this will benefit everyone.

In the months ahead, we expect to offer other models of madrichim trainings in virtual spaces, and hope that your experience with this first online educational series of Virtual One-Day Madrichim Training Seminars will be a launching point for continued growth in the future.

"If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?

And, if I am not for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?"



Catalyzing a Spark to Conflict - Vision.
More Details

Sunday, August 2

12:00pm-4:30pm EST
Catalyzing a Spark to Conflict

Madrichim need to be conscious of the value of productive conflict and the ways it's manifested during a trip. Additionally, they need to be able to catalyze and manage that conflict productively, both as it relates to the building of a group community and as it connects to the ideas being explored during the trip.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 80 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

Accessibility & Inclusion - Vision.jpg
More Details

Sunday, August 9

12:00pm-4:00pm EST
Accessibility & Inclusion: Lessons That Inform Us All
OU - Israel Free Spirit

Take a deep dive into how these trips are formed, and gain insights from the educational frameworks that make them so successful. Understanding the extraordinary intent that goes into staffing one of these programs will help elevate anyone's ability to lead any group - whether it's an Accessibility & Inclusion trip or a classic program.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 100 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

More Details

Sunday, August 16

1:00pm-4:00pm EST
Camp Birthright Israel
The iCenter & Trybal Gatherings

Camp Birthright Israel is an experiential training that models successful community building while allowing participants to dive deep into affinity topics, all through an Israeli lens. The program is designed to expand staff's leadership capacity both on the bus and online, and offers fresh inspiration to deepen their connection to one another and to Israel.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 150 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

More Details

Sunday, August 23

1:00pm-4:00pm EST
Experience Israel with
All Your Senses

Birthright Israel staff aren't always able to help their participants express their own connections with their Jewish identity, or places, sights, and people from their trip. In this session, our goal is to help staff better communicate frameworks and ideas so their participants will establish these relationships while in Israel.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 150 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

Playmaking with Perspectives - Vison.jpg
More Details

Sunday, August 30

1:00pm-3:30pm EST
Playmaking with Perspectives
The iCenter

Using techniques from the realms of storytelling, devised theater, and group dynamics, this experiential workshop in virtual space favors the collaborative or frontal. Through various modalities, participants will have multiple opportunities to share, to learn, and to expand their personal toolkits.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 300 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

The Hebrew Wave - Vision.jpg
More Details

Wednesday, September 2

1:00pm-3:30pm EST
Gal Ivri: The Hebrew Wave
The iCenter

Engage with the Hebrew language through the lens of Israeli culture, and join us in moving from experiences in Israel to authentic Israeli experiences. By exploring and gamifying Hebrew - through modern slang, high-frequency words, music, text, and more - we will connect with Israel and Israelis more personally and intimately.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 100 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.

Mental Health Wellness & Self-Care - Vis
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Sunday, September 13

12:00pm-3:00pm EST
Mental Health, Wellness
& Self-Care
Hillel International

When do we need to ask for help? Familiarize yourself with basic knowledge of mental health issues that could arise on a Birthright Israel trip and have the basic tools to navigate these encounters. The days are long and amazing, and in addition to showing up for our participants, gain methods to practice your own self-care during this journey.

Sign-up for this session:

We can accommodate up to 100 current, and future, Birthright Israel madrichim at this session.