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  • Who is behind these training seminars?
    Birthright Israel offers madrichim (Hebrew for "staff") training programs across the world for the local staff who will be helping to lead the trips alongside the Israeli Tour Educator. This online educational series is one program amongst several that Birthright Israel offers to North American madrichim.
  • What other madrichim training programs does Birthright Israel offer in North America?
    For the last seven years Birthright Israel has been partnering with The iCenter to host Birthright Israel Fellows. This 3 1/2 day in-person training seminar is considered Birthright Israel's elite-level program. There are now 934 alumni of the program, and since the start of the program seven years ago Birthright Israel Fellows have now staffed more than 1500 Birthright Israel trips. The next cohort training of Birthright Israel Fellows is tentatively scheduled to take place in Fall 2021. To find out more information about Birthright Israel Fellows, click here.
  • Who are these programs meant for?
    These online sessions are meant for anyone who will be staffing Birthright Israel trips within the next year. Priority will be given to those who are planning on leading trips over the next few months or during our Winter 2020-2021 season (September 2020 through March 2021).
  • Are there going to be other sessions scheduled?
    At the moment, these are all of the sessions we have planned. That said, if we find this to be a successful model, then it's possible that we would add more sessions in the future.
  • Didn't find an answer to your question?
    Send us an email by clicking here.
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