What other madrichim training programs does Birthright Israel offer in North America?

For the last seven years Birthright Israel has been partnering with The iCenter to host Birthright Israel Fellows. Participating in this 3 1/2 day in-person madrichim training seminar is something that anyone leading Birthright Israel trips should consider. We now offer the program once per year, and accept approximately 100 new Fellows into each training cohort. The program welcomes both Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, as well as people who have led one or multiple trips or those seeking to staff for the first time. In total, there are now 934 alumni of the program. And, since its start, Birthright Israel Fellows have now staffed more than 1500 Birthright Israel trips. The next cohort of Birthright Israel Fellows is tentatively scheduled to take place in Fall 2021. To find out more information about Birthright Israel Fellows, click here. Birthright Israel also partners with OneTable to host Shabbat Retreats for existing madrichim who will be staffing again within the following year. These trainings are focused around the 25 hours of Shabbat and how to make the most out of this opportunity on a Birthright Israel trip. The next Shabbat Retreat is currently being planned, and will most likely be a virtual training to take place in either October or November 2020. Information will be shared through our partnering Trip Organizers once the retreat has been finalized, and applications become available.

Are there going to be other sessions scheduled?

At the moment, these are all of the sessions we have planned. That said, if we find this to be a successful model, then it's possible that we would add more sessions in the future.

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Once I've registered for a seminar, how do I find out if I've been accepted?

We will do our best to let people know if they've been accepted to participate in any session within a few days of registering.

Can I sign-up for more than one session?

Yes! We hope that people will take advantage of these intentional learning opportunities. Though there are limits to the amount of people who can participate in each session, the hope is that anyone who wants to join a session will be able to do so. So, register for one, several, or all, of the sessions. We hope that you will find meaning and value in each unique topic.

Who are the organizations that are hosting these training sessions?

Birthright Israel is partnering with a number of Trip Organizers as well as other like-minded Jewish and Israel educational institutions. For the upcoming sessions we are working with Hillel International, M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, OU - Israel Free Spirit, Shorashim, The iCenter and Trybal Gatherings.

I've staffed numerous Birthright Israel trips already. Are these sessions for me?

Yes! We have built these training seminars to accommodate all experience levels, including those people who will become Birthright Israel madrichim for the first time this winter. And, for those seasoned veterans, these sessions should offer new perspectives into how to view your role, and provide real takeaways that will enable you to add to your existing skillsets.

I've already participated in Birthright Israel Fellows. Can I still take advantage of these training sessions?

Yes. These sessions are open to all past madrichim in good standing. And, more specifically, are meant for anyone who plans to continue to lead Birthright Israel trips.

When will Birthright Israel trips begin again? How is COVID-19 impacting the program?

Our team in North America, Israel, and throughout the world is preparing each day to ensure that we'll be ready to welcome groups just as soon as it becomes possible. In terms of North American trips, we are taking a month-by-month approach in the hopes that things will improve soon. For the most updated information on how COVID-19 is affecting our trips, please click here.

Who is eligible to participate in these Virtual One-Day Madrichim Training Seminars?

These sessions are meant for people who will be acting in the role of North American madrichim on Birthright Israel trips in the upcoming months, whether you've led trips before or this will be your first time. The seminars are also open to anyone who has previously participated in a Birthright Israel madrichim training program in North America (i.e. Birthright Israel Fellows and OneTable Shabbat Retreats). Additionally, all past Birthright Israel madrichim in good standing are also welcome to join and learn with us.